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How to Watch Monaco Grand Prix

How to Watch Monaco Grand Prix

How to Watch Monaco Grand Prix

Ask a Formula 1 fan which grand prix they want to watch more than any others and the most common answer you will receive is the Monaco Grand Prix.  This is undoubtedly one of the most illustrious races on the calendar, set in the Principality of Monaco, home of many millionaires.  But how can you watch the race if you don’t have your own private yacht moored there?

Because Monaco is a street circuit, there are lots of different places that you can get tickets to watch the action.  Some of the best spots for spectators combine the best of the action (including the likelihood of a crash) along with the best facilities including large screen TVs to keep in touch with the action when it moves away.

Casino Square: Opposite the famous Monte Carlo Casino, Casino Square is a great place to view the race.  The seating offers a view of the Massenet corner, a right-hand corner where cars reach speeds of around 125 km/h.  There is also a large screen TV opposite the seating area so you can also keep track of what is happening when the cars are in other parts of the circuit.

Tabac: Tabac corner is a 155 km/h left-hand turn and there is a stand known as ‘triune K’ that offers a perfect view of both the corner and the harbour itself.  So while you can enjoy the racing, you can also admire the stunning yachts that are moored there while the racing action is elsewhere.

La Rascasse: La Rascasse is the second to last corner in the race and is opposite the harbour docks.  Tribune T is the name given to the stand erected here and also has a large screen TV to enjoy all of the action.  The stand is located opposite the pits so spectators get to see the cars when they make their stops.

Budget options: If you are looking for some budget friendly options for viewing the race, there are two general admission areas where you can get good viewing but you do need to turn up early.  Nouvelle Chicane is alongside the harbour and views over the straight just before Tabac corner.  It is general admission with no reserved seating.

Alternatively, the Rocher general admission area does have views across the harbour as well as the Piscine and Anthony Noghes corner but viewing can be limited.  Turn up early and bring your own chairs to make the most of it.

Booking a package deal: One of the easiest ways to see the best of the Monaco Grand Prix is to book a package deal with a specialist such as BAC Sports travel tours.  The company offer different BAC Sport Monaco Grand Prix packages to suit your budget and requirements and also offer packages to a number of other Grand Prix on the calendar.  Booking a package allows you to relax and enjoy the trip, without worrying about where to see the race or arriving early enough to get a good view.