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About Affluent Auto

About Affluent Auto

Looking at the price tags on some of these stunning cars might be enough to make some people’s eye’s water but at Affluent Auto we know that style, power and class might just have to come with a hefty price tag and we embrace that.

This site will be ready soon and it will be exploring some of the most luxurious cars out there so that we can bring that touch of power and style right to your desk.

Knowing that these beauties might quite rightly deserve their eye watering price tags doesn’t stop us from trying to get in on the action though.

We’ll be exploring more than just the best of the best in terms of price, we’ll be seeing how you can get that style and luxury at home on a much more modest budget.

Reviewing cars from all walks of life, seeing how you can modify and upgrade the auto’s you have and love, seeing how you can save money on all the boring bits so you can spend it on the exciting parts and much more on top.

We can’t wait to wipe the grease from our hands and really get to enjoy the way it runs, so we hope you’ll come along for the ride.

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