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Modifying your Luxury Car

Modifying your Luxury Car

When you own a great looking luxury car there is an air of prestige about it and we tend to want to keep these tops of the range motors in the best possible condition we can. We also like them to show a little bit of our own style off whilst keeping the prestige of the original design. They don’t tend to be like classic cars where there is modification after modification that can be carried out but never the less we can still tweak them to our own taste with a few relatively quick and easy changes.

Top Tech – A great place to start when it comes to mods in a luxury car is to focus on the driver and passenger experience. By installing some great tech in your luxury car you experience is greatly heightened. If you love music then getting a top of the range sound system installed should definitely be on your list, if you can get one that hooks up to your other gadgets it will provide an all-round better user experience too. The obvious is a great top of the line navigation system and after that you might want to consider things like in car wi-fi and passenger TV’s. You can get some great ideas for in car tech from sites like Tech Radar.

Bumped Bumpers – There’s nothing worse than scratched and dented bumpers on a top of the range motor. It just instantly takes away from the beauty of the machine as everything else is so well presented the eye is immediately drawn to any bumps and scrapes. Give your car the modification it deserves and help keep it in great condition with a universal car lip kit which will not only save it’s looks but also you time at the garage getting it fixed up.

Custom Exteriors – There’s a few things you can do when it comes to the exterior, alloy trims are a great start or pop on private number plates, you can head over to sites like Number Plates 4u – Cherished, Personalised & Private Reg news for loads of benefits and guidance for getting cherished number plates that are perfect for your vehicle. If you want to make a bigger change to your exterior then consider a custom paint job, you can even get a personalised etching if you want to make your vehicle really pop.